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Top 3 reasons to compost:
1. It's fun.
2. It's a free garden amendment.
3. You get to recycle your yard and kitchen waste.

The Tucson Organic Gardeners have compost bins available. The style depends upon our suppliers, but all work quite well.  We sell them at cost recovery prices so these are a bargain. We also have compost cranks.

Bins and Tools:



 Composting Information:

Home Composting in the Desert- Compost Bin Ideas - make your own (click here)
Why Compost (click here)
Let's Make Compost - childrens' puzzle (click here)
Kitchen Composting (Vermiculture; worm composting)- (click here) 

Slide Presentation "The composting process, or how to get gold from garbage"; the notes and slides.   (click here for notes)    - (click here for slides) 

Sheet Mulching (click here)

Come visit our Home Composting Demonstration Site located at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. 2150 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona. One of our Compost Experts is available for consultation  on the 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings of each month. 
Sept - May 11am to 1pm.
June - August 9am to 11am.

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