Selling Organic Products & Seeds                 (Jan. 2010)


Civano Nursery, 5301 S. Houghton Rd. , 546-9200. Pool kits, Black Gold soil, Fox Farm & Peace of Mind amendments, Botanical Interest seeds, www.civanonursery.net  


Desert Survivors, 1020 W Starr Pass Rd. , 791-9309. Books, Bradford Organics seeds, Mulch, Potting soil, desert plants. www.desertsurvivors.org


Food Conspiracy Co-Op, 412 N. 4th Ave. , 624-4821. Seeds of change. www.foodconspiracy.org


Green Things, 3235 E Allen Rd , 299-9471. Peace of Mind amendments, plants. www.greenthingsaz.com


Harlow Gardens, 5620 East Pima Street,  298-3303. organic insect ides, weed eradication, burn out; Grow More and Peace of Mind amendments, Botanical Interest seeds, www.harlowgardens.com  .


Home Depot, various locations, Ferry-Morse seeds, compost and mulch in bags, occasionally sells organic products


Lowe’s Home Improvement, various locations, Gardenville, Whitney Farms, GroMore and Peace of Mind amendments, bag potting soil and mulch, occasionally sells organic products


Magic Garden Nursery, 7909 E. 22nd St, 885-7466, Black Gold and Soil Bumper Crop Soil (contains chicken manure), vegetable seeds, Botanical Interest seeds, Peace of Mind amendments, benefical nematodes, Fox Farm amendments. www.magicgardennursery.com  


Mesquite Valley Growers, 8205 E. Speedway, 721-8600. Peace of Mind and GroMore amendments, Botanical Interest and Lake Valley seeds, Monrovian soil and compost.


Pure Beauty, 2719 E. Broadway, 623-8068. Bulk compost, www.purebeautytucson.com


Rillito Nursery, 6303 N. La Cholla Blvd., 575-0995, http://rillitonursery.com


Sanchez Nursery, 16733 N. Oracle R.,  818-6763. Flowers, plants, trees.


Silverbell Nursery, 2720 N.  Silverbell Rd., 622-3894. GroMore and Unigrow potting soil, Winter Circle mulch, Botanical Interest seeds, Bt pest management, Green Light controls, www.sbnursery.com 


Terra Designs, 5425 E. Pima Street , 881-4190. Amendments and sprays, www.terradesigns.com