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In September of 2009, a Tucson gardener was turning over the soil in her garden in hopes of preparing the soil for a fall planting of lettuce.  That spot of her garden had not been used since last spring when she, with her grandson, harvested a nice crop of carrots.  Much to her surprise, her shovel not only turned over the soil, but it uncovered a large population of grubs.  She thought the grubs were feasting on a few left over carrots below the soil surface.  She has suspected that grubs of the same appearance have caused garden problems in past seasons by killing her plants (such as tomatoes, peppers, squash).

Can you provide a name for these grubs?
Do these grubs cause damage to plants in the garden and if so how do we as organic gardeners control these pests?


Grubs found in the soil, Sept 13 2009.

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